Asto Shipyard is an all-round shipbuilding company, both with regard to knowledge and skills and with regard to its facilities.

Our facilities include a stem/stern dock, two dock cranes, rollers and two overhead cranes of 25 tonnes capacity each. Professional power to finish any heavy duty job you can think of. The favourable situation next to the water means we have everything we need to finish any kind of ship.


Ship repair is one of the core businesses of our company and it’s one of our everyday activities.

From small technical failures for the electrician to fix to bow impact damage. Replacement of old piping and pumps also is one of our regularly recurring activities. Our stern/stem dock with a 450 tonne capacity, a well-equipped wharf-side of 150 metres long and a 110 metre long pier make for excellent accessibility. We have a 24-hour team standing at the ready for our on-site repair service.


After a ship has been finished or repaired, sound maintenance is crucial for problem-free sailing.

Other offshore-related projects or constructions too require sound maintenance. Asto Shipyard has all the resources needed to make sure the client’s equipment stays well-oiled. Both on-site and en route, 24/7.

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"Quality and Brabant hospitality."

To be exact

Situated along the Bergsche Maas, Asto Shipyard is an innovative company that still values the hospitality that Brabant is famous for.


At Asto Shipyard we aspire 'customers for life': from design to delivery and from periodic maintenance to repair service, 24/7.


As an organisation, Asto Shipyard is characterised by a unique set of skills: electrics, machining, shipbuilding - each department has its own specialty.

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