To be exact

Situated along the Bergsche Maas, Asto Shipyard is an innovative company that still values the hospitality that Brabant is famous for.

Personal attention for the client is what characterises our company as well as the precision we work with: core values of the organisation – ‘to be exact’.

With our innovative working method we work on new projects, finishing work, maintenance and repair jobs for inland navigation ships and shipbuilding-related projects. Among our most loyal clients are shipping companies, governmental services and private ship owners in the Netherlands, Belgium and other countries.

Our distinctive qualities lie in the versatility of the organisation: Asto Shipyard has a very complete machine pool, extensive shore-side facilities and a top team of specialists for any job you need doing – all under one roof. Together with the leading experience in the powder sector, Asto Shipyard plays a unique role in the maritime sector.



Asto Shipyard is an organisation that is shaped by a unique set of skills: electrics, machining, shipbuilding – each department has its own speciality.

At Asto Shipyard we join forces, resulting in a very complete team of professionals who complement each other and who have a solution for any problem.

All our employees have been trained in the Netherlands to a very high standard, all of them are certified professionals and they regularly update their knowledge through job-specific training programmes.


Client for life

At Asto Shipyard we aspire ‘customers for life’: from design to delivery and from periodic maintenance to repair service, 24/7.

We want to enhance our organisation’s efficiency by keeping good track of our clients’ wishes and our direct environment. Innovation plays a key role, in which sustainability, safety and a cleaner environment are paramount.

We structurally invest in people and equipment. We know from experience that personal attention and versatile custom work guarantee good results. Asto Shipyard’s clients are sure of a professional eye for detail and a competitive price.


Eponymous founder Anton Stoops founded a machine factory in 1956, it specialised in the installation of marine engines and maintenance of bridges and sluices. Asto BV was born. The company quickly gained a good reputation in Brabant and surroundings.

Bringing with him his foresight and sense of tradition and craftsmanship, Sjef Peters took the helm in 1995. Being the owner of PCO (Peters Cement Overslag), a company working with cement carriers, Sjef had been a regular at Asto and he saw a chance to use the knowledge and experience from the machine factory to set a new course. He turned Asto into a thriving enterprise that carried out construction, finishing, maintenance and repair work for all kinds of offshore projects.

Thanks to Peters’ business activities, Asto has gained a unique affinity with the powder sector. The company specialised in the construction of transport and transhipment installations for cement, chalk, lime and fly ash. Over time the company’s activities expanded to the construction, and transformation of existing ships to, powder carriers. When it comes to construction of new ships, from hull to delivery, Asto too has a great track record, both with regard to bulk carriers and tankers. With an eye for people and the environment.

In 2009 Asto moved to a modern premises situated along the Bergsche Maas, with its own quayside, cranes and extensive shore-side facilities. From this location Asto has established itself as an able provider of total solutions, both in the Netherlands and abroad, with a focus on efficiency and innovation.

Since 2017 the company is run by Karst van der Wiel and the company’s activities are being further professionalised under the name Asto Shipyard – an all-round offshore company that offers its clients quality as well as Brabant hospitality.